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Level 3 Course Reviews

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In 2020, we embarked on the journey to deliver the Level 3 Bach Flower Practitioner Training course live and in an interactive online setting. 

Much thought and care went into the development of this new hybrid delivery to become a Bach Flower Certified Practitioner. It's been so rewarding to experience the connections and group dynamics we have been able to form in this new online setting.


Here are some comments from our students about this new online format



My experience with the Level 3 Practitioner’s Online course was extremely helpful, insightful and enjoyable. 

I feel that Nancy Buono’s beautiful soul, her brilliant teaching style, her expanded knowledge and higher wisdom and her matter of fact approach to conveying the ‘Golden Nuggets’ of Dr. Bach’s perfect system helped to simplify the process for me. I feel confident that as a Bach Flower Certified Practitioner I will be able to help others in ways that are in alignment with Dr. Bach’s philosophy, his method and his heart’s desire to create an effective, affordable healing system for the changing times that anyone can use. The Bach Flower Institute is an awesome institution to learn from! I am so very grateful for having just had the timely, comfortable, intimate and awesome Level 3 Online experience. Thank you Nancy and thank you Bach Flower Institute.



I've been looking forward to completing Level 3 for 18 years and it never lined up with my schedule. I took this class online for convenience and because it aligned with my schedule, but I did wonder if the experience would somehow be diminished online The class actually exceeded my expectations. The tech was easy and the whole experience was actually less stressful for me as I didn't have to leave home, board my dog, travel, and deal with the added stress of travel in a pandemic. It also greatly reduced travel and lodging costs. This class was one of the best continuing education classes I've ever taken. It was a non-stressful situation that really allowed me to absorb, integrate, and fully appreciate the material.   


I sincerely enjoyed the Level 3 Practitioner Course. Nancy is an amazing teacher, helping us along, teaching and building confidence in our abilities to become future Practitioners. 





This wonderful course provided a solid foundation for becoming a Bach Flower Practitioner. We learned a lot and had fun in the process. Nancy is extremely knowledgeable about her Flowers, and her enthusiasm for them is contagious. She is an excellent teacher, compassionate and patient. She is also amazing with technology. A 4-day “experimental” online learning course went without a glitch! The Zoom format definitely worked; the interactive and intimate approach kept us engaged with the subject and connected with each other.



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