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Live in Harmony with your Soul 




We're here to help you cope and find your best you

  • Over 10,000 students in North America
  • The only flower essence certification program in North America approved by the Bach Centre UK
  • All courses are taught by Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners with advanced Teacher Training 
  • The Bach flower remedies are a self help system you can use at home 
  • Learn how to conquer negative emotions and tap into your inner wisdom using flower essences 


'If we follow our own instincts, our own wishes,

our own thoughts, our own desires,

we should never know anything but joy and health'

- Dr Edward Bach



How to get started - from personal use to flower essence certification


  •  Whether you simply want to understand yourself and your feelings and live a happier life, or complete all 3 levels of flower essence certification and help others, our programs are here to support you






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