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Flower Essence Certification
Flower essence practitioner training

Spreading Dr Bach's work and teaching Bach flower practitioners and teachers internationally since 1998.

Three levels of training to help you help yourself, help others, and become a Bach flower remedy practitioner



Life can be bumpy

Relationships flounder

Hearts ache

Work overwhelms, stress builds

We worry, we obsess, we doubt, we cry 

We struggle to please others

We can lose sight of who we are and how to cope



We're here to help you cope and find your best you.

Learn to help yourself and to help others.

Take a single course or continue on to

Flower Essence Practitioner Training.


      Flower essence certification program 

  • Over 10,000 students in North America
  • On site and Online, distance learning available. You can learn from home.
  • Certificate issued for each level of flower essence training (CE provider)
  • All courses are taught by experienced Bach Flower Practitioners with advanced Teacher Training 
  • The Bach flower remedies are a self help system you can use at home 
  • Learn how to conquer negative emotions and tap into your inner wisdom using flower essences 
  • Learn how to help others with flower essences. The Bach flower remedies are safe and effective for all ages, and for our pets as well.
  • Three levels of training so you can help yourself, help others, and become a flower essence practitioner 


"If we follow our own instincts, our own wishes, our own thoughts,
our own desires, we should never know anything
but joy and health"

-Dr. Edward Bach  






Looking for the Bach flower questionnaire?  

Dr Bach's system is meant to be used for self-help. We encourage everyone to learn the flowers! You can learn more about the indications for each flower remedy and download our Bach Flower Questionnaire here.                                                



Dr Edward Bach's philosophy of healing and his flower essences are more relevant right now than ever.

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Flower essence certification
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