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Courses on Animals
Which courses focus on pets?

Level 1 - Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies for Pets and Their People

Learn how to use the Bach flower remedies to help both the pets and the people in your life.  This course provides a solid foundation in the Bach remedy system and the core principles of working both with animals and people, with a special focus on animal behavior and remedy indications. This new program meets the Level 1 requirements of the Bach International Education Program, and is approved by the Bach Centre, UK.

This course is only offered on site.

Prerequisites: None


Best Practice for Working with Pets and the Bach Flower Remedies -

                                      Live Online Fall 2019! 


This program is ground breaking in terms of how we view our pets. It clarifies many of the misconceptions we hold about working with pets, and establishes clear guidelines for Bach flower work with animals. (This course is not a Level 3 BFRAP training, but a basic Best Practice course for our advanced students and for BFRPs.) 

The course greatly expands the information provided in your Level 1-3  BFRP training, and provides a very solid foundation to key principles to employ in working with our pets.

Minimum Prerequisite:  Level 1



How to become an Animal Practitioner

(Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner, BFRAP)

'Because the Bach system is simple and can do no harm, and because our primary role is to teach a self-help system, non-specialist BFRPs may help animals and their owners in a professional context as long as they refer on the more qualified people any cases that exceed their level of experience and knowledge.'


The first step in becoming an animal practitioner is to complete all three levels of training and become a BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. After this, additional training is required to meet the BFRAP requirements, which may be found at the link above.



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