Level 2 courses on the Bach flower remedies
Bach Flower Advanced Workshop
BIEP Level 2


Break through your barriers to become your best YOU


Bach Flower Level 2 training provides:               


  • practice and confidence in choosing the correct remedies via many case studies, video and exercises 
  • a further depth of understanding about the system
  • subtle differences between remedies
  • comparisons of remedies
  • use for type and mood
  • the opportunity to explore the way the remedies directly relate to your own life goals and personality

Level 2 is a practical interactive workshop which focuses on personal awareness and provides students with a chance to exchange experiences with each other.

You will explore more deeply the way the essences relate to your life goals and your basic personality, and be guided through the subtle distinctions that can be made between closely related essences.

Level 2 is a master-class, and provides the tools and depth you need to gain a further understanding of the system to effectively help others. 

Certification: Level 2


Prerequisite: Level 1 (any Bach Centre approved Level 1- homestudy, web, live, pets)



How to enroll: Find your Level 2 in our course locator or calendar and contact your course teacher directly. For courses taught by Nancy Buono, BFRP, Director of Education, enroll here



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