Level 1 Distance Learning via Web & Homestudy

This Level 1 course is for those who are unable to attend a local onsite level 1 program, enjoy self-paced homestudy, but still would like the option of participating  in a classroom setting.  This Bach Centre approved Level 1 is a web-based course with a home study component.

'The classes were excellent. Well-organized and masterfully taught' 


 "This class has changed my life. Seriously.'



 'I was very impressed with the course'


The course is comprised of 9 Sections of online homestudy which may be accessed at any time. These sections 

are comprised of video, exercises, reading from the course books, and other assignments. In addition, from time to time there are optional  live web classes where students have the ability to ask questions and interact with each other and the teacher. The course comes with 3 books,The online homestudy may be accessed immediately upon enrollment. This course provides a solid foundation in the remedies and fulfills the Level 1 pre-requisite for other levels of study.


Note: If you are looking for a course which may be taken via postal mail or email, please see the Bach Foundation Distance Learning Program.

Course dates: This course is self paced and open for enrollment at all times.

Course Fee: $395  

Course books included: The Bach Remedies Workbook, The Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step, and The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

CE units:40 (NCBTMB, NCCAOM, ANMCB) Total study time 40 hours. 

'I was fascinated from start to finish'


'Thank you so much, Nancy, this has been great!'


'Love Dr. Bach's philosophy about simplicity and that we are not healing the disease, but healing the  emotions.  His belief system aligns perfectly with mine. '


Course Syllabus


·      Basic Principles of the System

·      The Seven Categories and all 38 remedy indications, including case studies and practical examples

·      Dosage and Usage

·      History of the remedies and Dr Bach

·      How the remedies are made

·      Subtle Energy Medicine

·      Personal Observation Log

·      Effects of Taking the Remedies

·      Uses for Pregnancy and Childbirth, Children and Teens

·      Remedies in the Garden

·      Remedies for Pets

·      Remedies in Everyday Adult life

·      Remedies for the Elderly

·      Case studies

·      Special topics - Eating Disorders, Abuse, Stress, Sleeplessness

·      How to Select Remedies for Yourself and Others


Technical requirements:


  • A steady Internet connection - a broadband connection is best for use of all features
  • Computer Speakers so you may hear the presentation
  • Camera and microphone not required - you may participate by Text Chat with no microphone.



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