Nancy Buono



Nancy Buono is an international educator and consultant on the Bach flower remedies, with over 35 years experience working with clients and the remedies.  As the North American Director for the Bach International Education Program (BIEP) since 1999, she has written training curriculum for Bach Practitioners and trained Bach teachers worldwide.  Her background includes a degree in Psychology and Education as well as decades of both practical business experience and study of meditation. A pragmatic professional, Nancy is also the mother of 5.



Nancy founded her company, Bach Flower Education (Living Enrichment) in 2005 and provides training and support for the BIEP, its teachers and all BFRPs in North America. Nancy teaches the Web Based Level 1 Distance Learning Program and supervises the Bach Centre Correspondence Distance Learning Program. She teaches Level 2, Level 3, Best Practices for Pets and their People,  Teacher Training Levels 1-3, and special topics courses for Practitioners.

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