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The 38 Bach Flower Remedies
The Bach Flower List



Here you will find a list of the indications for the 38 Flower Remedies of Dr Edward Bach. (The 38 Bach Flower Remedies are also known as the 38 Bach Flower Essences.)

This list will help you identify which of Dr Bach's 38 flower essences will best help you to relieve the causes of stress in your life.The indications for each of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies are below. You may also use the  Flower Remedy Questionnaire  to help you select your Bach Flower Remedies.


Dr Bach's system is meant to be used for self-help. We encourage everyone to learn the flowers!   You do not need to check every box under one remedy on the Bach Flower Questionnaire to be in need of that remedy. Rather, look at your strongest feelings and address those on the 38 Bach flower list first. If you need further help, please feel free to contact us, or see the Bach Flower Practitioner Alliance page to find a referral to a practitioner.


If you would like to purchase a full Bach flower remedy set, containing all 38 Bach flowers, please visit our Bach flower remedy store.

38 Bach Flower List

To learn more about each remedy, please click on the remedy name below.
Bach Remedy
Bach Flower Remedy Agrimony
for those who hide problems behind a cheerful face and avoid facing them; may overuse food, drugs, alcohol or work excessively to avoid life issues
Bach Flower Remedy Aspen
for apprehension and nervousness for no known reason, general anxiousness
Bach Flower Remedy Beech
for those who are critical and intolerant of others, feeling ‘beechy’
Bach Flower Remedy Centaury
for those who are weak-willed, subservient or imposed upon; kind people who help others and find it hard to say ‘no’
Bach Flower Remedy Cerato
for those who doubt their own judgment, seeking confirmation and constant advice
Bach Flower Remedy Cherry Plum
for fear of losing control in some way, for uncontrolled, irrational thoughts
Bach Flower Remedy Chestnut Bud
for those who repeat the same mistakes in life and fail to learn by their experiences
Bach Flower Remedy Chicory
for those who may be clingy, possessive or overly protective of those they love
Bach Flower Remedy Clematis
for those who are dreamy, spaced out, absent-minded or lacking focus and concentration
Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple
for those who feel self-disgust or ashamed of their appearance, ailments or who they are
Bach Flower Remedy Elm
for those who are generally responsible but are overwhelmed by having too much to do  
Bach Flower Remedy Gentian
for those who doubt themselves and feel discouraged easily
Bach Flower Remedy Gorse
for feelings of hopelessness and despair
Bach Flower Remedy Heather
for those who are talkative and may focus too much on their own problems or experiences due to loneliness
Bach Flower Remedy Holly
for feelings of suspicion, envy, hatred, and jealousy
Bach Flower Remedy Honeysuckle
for those who live more in the past than the present
Bach Flower Remedy Hornbeam
for procrastination and fatigue just upon thinking about the work ahead
Bach Flower Remedy Impatiens
for impatience and irritability, often helpful to those who think fast and find it hard to work with others
Bach Flower Remedy Larch
for lack of self-confidence, feeling inferior to others, fear of failure
Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus
for known fears; also for those who are shy or timid
Bach Flower Remedy Mustard
for deep gloom which descends for no known reason
Bach Flower Remedy Oak
for those who are generally strong and so struggle on even when they are tired and should rest
Bach Flower Remedy Olive
for those who are totally exhausted due to a long period of stress or illness; unable to continue with their daily duties
Bach Flower Remedy Pine
those who blame themselves, even for mistakes of others; and are apologetic or feel guilty
Bach Flower Remedy Red Chestnut
for those worried and fearful about the well-being of others, especially their loved ones
Bach Flower Remedy Rock Rose
for feelings of extreme fright and terror
Bach Flower Remedy Rock Water
for those who have high personal standards and may be somewhat rigid in their behavior (diet, exercise, ethics, etc)
Bach Flower Remedy Scleranthus
for uncertainty and indecision when faced with two choices; also for fluctuating moods
Bach Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem
for the after effects of serious news, grief or loss
Bach Flower Remedy Sweet Chestnut
for anguish and angst; broken heartedness and despair
Bach Flower Remedy Vervain
For those who are overly enthusiastic or idealistic
Bach Flower Remedy Vine
For those who are strong willed and assertive, may dominate or bully others
Bach Flower Remedy Walnut
For protection from the influences of others or the environment, for adjusting to change
Bach Flower Remedy Water Violet
For private people who are fine alone yet may become somewhat aloof, isolated or lonely
Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut
For persistent thoughts that will not turn off, mental arguments that may disturb peace of mind or sleep
Bach Flower Remedy Wild Oat
For those who are uncertain about their calling in life
Bach Flower Remedy Wild Rose
For feelings of apathy, resignation and boredom
Bach Flower Remedy Willow
For feelings of bitterness, self-pity and resentment
Rescue Remedy
The Emergency Formula, for everyday stressful situations
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Used with permission of the Bach Centre, www.bachcentre.com
The Bach Flower Remedies are also known as the Bach Flower Essences. Find research studies on the remedies here



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