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Our History
Past, Present and Our Future!



The early years


First Level 3 Practitioner Training in New Zealand, May 1998

Trainer, Nancy Buono, BFCP, BFPA USA

Front row - Nancy Buono, in center next to Rixt Botello (green sweater) - our host in New Zealand, who became the New Zealand Coordinator.

Our course was held in the park at this beautiful venue                                         Nancy seeing the sights in New Zealand   



The First International Level 3 Practitioner Course Teacher Training

West Virginia, March 1-9, 1999

Trainer, Nancy Buono, BFCP, BFPA, USA

This program, the first of its kind, brought together trainers and coordinators from around the world, from as far away as Sweden, France, Brazil, Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Holland, New Zealand, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Venzuela and Japan.

Nancy taught this group how to teach the Level 3 Practitioner Training. Many of these trainers later became the education coordinators within their home countries.



First Level 1 Teacher Training - Boston, MA - March 2000

Trainer, Nancy Buono, BFPC, BFPA USA

Beth O'Boyle (back left) is still one of our Level 3 Assessors, Alicia Sirkin (back red sweater) still teaches L1, Nancy is on the far right 




First trip to the UK, July 2000 - Global Coordinator's Conference and trip to the Bach Centre





After the International Coordinator's Conference, UK  July 2003 



The Middle Years - Bach Flower Education - founded April 2005 

Up til 2005, the courses were organized by Nelsons, US. In 2005, Nelsons decided to stop running programs and Nancy took over education as an independent entity,. She founded Bach Flower Education, Living Enrichment  in 2005 


Online Level One LiveWeb courses birthed in 2009

In 2009, Nancy  developed the first online learning courses for Bach Flower Education. Since that time, she has been at the forefront of online education for the Bach flower remedies. Technology sure has changed a lot in the past decade and we're always excited to be learning more to make your online learning a valuable experience! Online learning can sound new and scary, but we've had students in their 80's in our courses and meetings! Today the technology is quite user friendly and live meetings are fully interactive.


First Level One Pets and their People Teacher Training   Boston, MA  October 2012

Trainer, Nancy Buono, BFPC, BFPA, USA





International Coordinator's Conference and trip to the Bach Centre, UK November 2013





















A few of our Practitioner Trainings throughout the years


Level 3 NYC November 2009                                                                  Level 3 NYC March 2012





Level 3 PA Oct 2013                                                                                      Level 3 Torrance, CA  March 2014



Level 3 Ashland, Oregon October 2016                                                      Level 3 Ann Arbor, MI May 2017  





Level 3 Toronto CA October  2018                                                              Level 3 Fort Lauderdale, FL  March 2019   



Level 2 Teacher Training, Austin Texas 2017

Trainer, Nancy Buono, BFPC, BFPA, USA



The present and our future!

Nancy teaching Level One LiveWeb course online, 2019


In response to the need for further online interactive education,

the Bach Flower Institute has launched in 2020. 


We're very excited about our new direction to keep Dr Bach's work alive at a time when it is so greatly needed and are now bringing all levels of training to you online!

We teach Dr Bach's system in its true and pure form and our teachers have years of practitioner and teaching experience.  

                                                                               Find the FAQs about our courses here





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