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Practitioner Training Application
Level 3

This application is for all Level 3 Practitioner courses being held in the US and Canada, all teachers.

Please complete each section. If you have not yet completed your Level 2, please list the course you will be attending.

If an item does not apply, simply list N/A.

After completing this form, please remit the course deposit here

and then email us a photo of yourself to info@livingenrichment.com


If for some reason you are unable to apply online, you may send a paper application. However, online enrollment is strongly recommended.

2020 Course Dates

April 16-19   Mississauga, ON Canada (Toronto area) tentatively rescheduled to Oct 15-18, 2020

July 6-19  Doylestown PA  (Philadelphia area) - TBD

Denver, Colorado - Sept 17-20, 2020 - TBD

Upstate NY/CT - Oct 22-25, 2020 - TBD

At this time all course dates are tentative and we are exploring online course delivery.

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What skills or qualities do you possess that you feel would be an asset as a Bach flower practitioner? *



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