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Gaia Dimitriou

Bach Basics, Level 1, Level 2 Advanced Studies ***Greece*** Gaia has been working with the Bach Flower Remedies since 2006. She has worked professionally as counselor and teacher of the method. In her spiritual path she is combing the Bach Remedies Method and Dr. Bach’s Philosophy as a means to experience greater freedom. Her work focuses on the entirety of the human being, practicing somatic methods, to meditation and spreading the power of the Bach Flower Remedies to the whole world. Her studies on Psychology and Philosophy were the first step to self awareness. She was the first to implement a Bach Flower Educational program in prisons. Gaia has worked in seemingly different fields which all have a common denominator. The vision that humanity can experience true freedom and spiritual awakening no matter which path each being has chosen to walk towards its perfection. She offers seminars and coaches people all around the world via online education programs and 1:1 personalised sessions. Level 1, Level 2



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