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Kerri Aab, BFRP

Kerri Aab, BFRP

***Bach Basics*** Kerri Aab is a wife, mother and Bach flower practitioner on a mission to empower people to transform their lives using Bach flower remedies as a guide. Kerri was first introduced to Bach flower remedies when she was halfway through a 50 hour labor with her daughter and was given Bach’s Rescue Remedy to manage anxiety. One dose was enough to make Kerri a convert! Shortly after giving birth, she started training to become a Practitioner and was proudly added to the Registrar in 2014. Kerri strives to live a peaceful and balanced life, committed to service. She delights in helping others see their innate beauty; empowering them to seek inner peace, happiness and fulfillment, using the power of Bach flower remedies. She sees clients via Zoom and teaches the Bach Flower Basics™ class in Asheville, NC. www.kerriaab.com



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