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Level 1 courses
Study in a class or at home


Take a class onsite with a live teacher, take a class online (via Web and Homestudy)
or take a class by correspondence (post or email)  
Certification for all classes below is to Level 1

Any form of Level 1 class leads to Level 2 


Level 1 Onsite courses

Live two-day courses offered throughout North America. You may register on this site for classes run directly by us or contact one of our independent teachers. Find all live onsite classes on our Course Locator.



Level 1 Distance Learning 

  • Web & Homestudy: Online self paced web based learning with Powerpoints, videos and exercises; students may attend live web classes and view recorded sessions. All reading is in the course books, which are mailed. Students receive feedback on their work. 

  • Email & Postal Correspondence: Self paced correspondence course - send written lessons to a mentor via email or postal mail and receive feedback. All reading is in the course books, which are mailed.

Level 1 Alternative Option

Live one-day courses offered throughout North America. The Basics course may be followed by an online Level 1 Validation Program to complete Level 1 requirements.

     Our CE/PDA Affiliations:  NCCAOM, NCBTMB, ANMCB     





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