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Level 2 Teacher Training
Bach Centre approved



The Bach Flower Education Level Two Teacher Training (L2TT) include webinars, course activities, observation, practice teaching, review and follow-up to help Level One Teachers develop the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to facilitate Level 2 programs. 

This course of study is specifically designed to meet the Level Two teacher requirements of the Bach Centre and the Bach International Education Program (BIEP).


Who may apply?

Criteria set by the Bach Centre for Level 2 teachers requires a minimum of:

  • Four years’ experience of using the remedies in line with the Code of Practice and currently registered BFRP/BFRAP

  • Two years’ experience of helping other people select remedies

  • Experience of teaching at least five Bach Centre-approved Level 1 courses with adequate student numbers



Level Two TT Program Syllabus

Live Online Training 

  • Facilitation Skills Training
  • Study of Course program content
  • Level Two Training methodology
  • Discussion and review of course 
  • Nuts and bolts of teaching Level Two
  • Preparation to teach Level Two

Observation of a Level Two


Delivery of first Level Two program


Personal debriefing/mentoring to review your first course- Live Online


Group meeting online

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Remedy knowledge
  • Areas for further development


License approval for Level 2 


The 2020 course will be held this summer

 Due to possible changes in my travel schedule, dates will be posted soon



Total Course fee, including all training and subsequent mentoring: $650

Apply online here



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