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Maintain a Strong Immune System:

Conquer the Fear of a Pandemic with Bach Flower Remedies





(Sayville, NYOctober 4, 2009)


As Dr. Margaret  Chan, General Director of the World Health Organization, raises the global pandemic level to 6, the highest level of threat possible, another disease is quickly ravaging people around the globe – fear. Reports from around the globe show fear over both the swine flu and the vaccination for it. 



Sales of hand sanitizer in the US are soaring nationwide and, in far north Ann Arbor MI, the local pharmacy is running out of surgical masks.  It is certainly essential to take practical health precautions such as washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze and avoiding those who are ill, yet being fearful and worried about the flu is not in the best interest of your heath and wellness. In fact, research shows that to stay well, it is best to remain calm and positive.


A study led by Prof. Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu, from Tel Aviv University's Department of Psychology, shows that psychological and physiological stress prior to, during and after cancer surgery has a biological impact that impairs immune system functioning. "Ours is among the first studies to show that psychological fear may be no less important than real physiological tissue damage in suppressing immune competence."says Prof. Ben-Eliyahu. Actually,  a person’s state of mind plays a direct role in immune system function. Research from SUNY Stony Brook shows that negative states of mind suppress immune system function. A positive attitude correlates with an increased ability of the immune system to fight disease.

But when the media is bombarding you with virus warnings in a 24/7 news cycle and you are flooded with fear, what can you do? “The Bach Flower Remedies are a simple system that can help you to reduce fear and negative emotion,” says Nancy Buono, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Director of Bach Flower Education. “There are 38 different flower remedies to choose from to help restore emotional balance. These safe remedies were formulated over 75 years ago by the noted British physician, Dr. Edward Bach and are used successfully in 66 countries worldwide by millions of people.” The remedies, a dilution made from a ‘sun tea’ of flowering tress and plants, help to balance emotional traits and keep us free from stress and worry. Simply take 2 drops, straight from the bottle or in a glass of water.  The remedies may be used in blends of up to 6 or 7 at a time. The most well-known is Rescue Remedy which is used in emergency stressful situations.


Ms. Buono recommends the following flower remedies to address the current fear and worry about global pandemic:

v     Take Mimulus to help manage any known fear or to manage worrying. Mimulus helps restore a calm sense of courage.

v     Take Red Chestnut if you suffer from excessive fear and worry about the health and welfare of those you love. Red Chestnut restores peace of mind.

v     Take Rock Rose if you are in a situation where people are frozen in fear. Rock Rose replaces terror with fearlessness.

v     Take Aspen for vague fears and anxiety - when you are unsure what could happen, but feel a sense of dread and worry. Aspen brings reassurance.

v     Take Crab Apple if you are feeling toxic and worried about germs.  Crab Apple, the cleansing essence, helps you to feel purified.

v     Take Cherry Plum to avoid feeling like you may lose control and do or say something out of character. Cherry Plum helps to restore a sense of rational control and composure.

Note: If there are other reasons for your worries and fears, other remedies may apply.



With so many people worrying about their health right now, the remedies can really help us to regain a sense of calm confidence while we take the proper precautions to stay healthy.  Dr Edward Bach said over 70 years ago, “In this age, the fear of disease has developed until it has become a great power for harm. Fear at the present time is playing a great part in intensifying disease.” Never have Dr. Bach's words been more true. Conquer your fears with Dr. Bach’s flower remedies.



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