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DVD- Bach Flower Remedies - The Journey to Simple Healing

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of the long awaited DVD about Dr. Bach’s life and work, Bach Flower Remedies: The Journey to Simple Healing. This documentary looks at the history of Dr Bach's discovery of flower remedies. It replaces the former movie, The Light that Never Goes Out This lovely film features many key moments of Dr Bach’s life and is fascinating for anybody interested in the story of this great man's work.

This DVD contains two sections:
The Journey to Simple Healing  23 min 42 seconds  Story of Dr Bach's life and work
The Bottling Process: 6 min 52 seconds - Explanation of the current bottling process and quality control for the remedies


Please note, this video is for private use only.  For institutional use, please email us directly at

info at livingenrichment. com



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