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The Challenge for Discipleship

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Challenge for Discipleship (softcover)

Author:  Torkom Saraydarian  


This book is the cookbook for a successful life. I have given so many copies of this book as gifts to those I love!  The contents  can be read as a daily lesson, bit by bit, and digested and applied slowly.  These are spiritual principles with practical implementation that will last your entire life.


"There are many definitions of what a disciple is, but the most appropriate definition is that a disciple is an efficient person. To be efficient means to have command of one's mechanism and of life in general, at an increasing pace. An efficient person can put causes into action and produce results. He acts as a spiritual dynamo and creates activities in far-off places. He is a charge of psychic energy; through his thoughts, words, actions and enthusiasm he makes machines and factories operate in many realms. He initiates causes that further the evolution of people."
(Torkom Saraydarian)


This book is for anyone who wants to know and master the secret of efficiency in life.


Pages: 532



Table of Contents

  1. Teacher and Student
  2. Steps Toward Discipleship
  3. Essentials In The Life of A Disciple
  4. Rules For The Life Of An Advanced Disciple
  5. The Three Duties Of The Disciple
  6. On The Path Of Discipleship
  7. Discipleship And Service
  8. Discipleship Tasks
  9. New-Age Discipleship
  10. The Attitude Of The Disciple Toward Fellow Disciples
  11. The Disciple As A Building Engineer
  12. Twelve Responsibilities Of A Disciple
  13. Discipleship And The Battle Of Life
  14. Calmness
  15. Discipleship And Human Potential
  16. The Deepening Life Of The Disciple
  17. Signs Of A Disciple
  18. Discipleship And The Ego
  19. Glamors And Illusions
  20. Vanity
  21. Fifteen Points Of Watchfulness
  22. Discipleship And Labor
  23. Creativity And Discipleship
  24. Friendship And Discipleship
  25. How To Be Your Own Friend
  26. The Disciple And The Progress Of His Soul
  27. Discipleship And Impressions
  28. What Would-Be Disciples Expect From Life
  29. How A Disciple Can Bring More Love And Joy To People
  30. Discipleship And Major Solar Events
  31. Spiritual Saturation
  32. Downfall And Return
  33. Economy Of Life
  34. Discipleship Groups And Leadership
  35. Obedience I
  36. Obedience II
  37. Discipline
  38. Exercises On The Path Of Discipleship
  39. The Power Of Thought
  40. Inspiration
  41. Concentration
  42. Creative Meditation
  43. Meditation And Its Effect On Our Lives
  44. The Importance Of Speech
  45. How To Listen
  46. Retreat
  47. Higher Psychism
  48. The Danger Of Religious Teaching
  49. The Disciple And Self-Deception
  50. Tolerance



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