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What to look for in the Heart of Your Partner

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"In the coming centuries people will choose their friends, husbands, wives, and work partners very carefully because they will realize that they cannot progress on the path of spiritual development at a normal speed if they make a wrong choice or continuously fail in choosing correctly."

How many times have you asked yourself: "I wish I knew then what I know now, I would have chosen more carefully." We should be able to grow and expand with our partners and not have the relationship be an all-consuming waste of time!

With this booklet, you will be given the basic guidelines of making the right choice. Included is a discussion of 14 qualities to look for in your partner; the 7 negative signs that should give you all the warning signals; what you need to know before living with someone; and the three viewpoints you need to consider before you make a decision. This booklet is beautiful, loving, and very considerate of everyone's divine potentials. These guidelines will enable you to make the conscious choices that will enhance your and your partner's life.

Pages: 20
Price:  $4.50



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