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Best Practices
For working with Pets and the Bach flower remedies


Whether you love your pet and want to learn more about how best to assist them with the flowers, or you are a BFRP and have some pets in your caseload, this course will be of benefit.

This program is ground breaking in terms of how we view our pets. It clarifies many of the misconceptions we hold about working with pets, and establishes clear guidelines for Bach flower work with animals. (This course is not a Level 3 training, but a basic Best Practice course.) 

The course greatly expands the information provided in your Level 1-3 training, and provides a very solid foundation to key principles to employ in working with our pets.

This course offers the unique opportunity for our practitioners and advanced students
to expand their understanding of how best to apply their knowledge of the Bach remedies to our animal friends.

"I enjoyed the course and learned
much I did not know about animals
and how best to work with
them. Thank you!"
This course will
  • introduce the foundational  principles of animal behavior and how they apply to our work with the Bach flower remedies
  • identify  key remedies most commonly used for pets
  • denote common misconceptions about working with pets
  • show how to use the remedies in common situations for our pets may experience
  • challenge, enhance and expand current knowledge about animals and how to work with them
Expand your understanding of our animal friends and work more effectively with them.
Duration: 7 hrs including homestudy
(7 CE hours)
 "It exceeded my expectations.
I am glad you covered misconceptions
we had to unlearn through
our past training and experience."

This program is run online, with a LiveWeb class component. Students will log into a secure website to access homework and videos and attend 2 LiveWeb online classes. Please see our enrollment page for further details.

Pre-requisite: This course is for Bach practitioners or Advanced students. Minimum requirement Level 1 or higher

"Thank you for that groundbreaking and amazing course,
I feel I would like to take it to the next level so I shall start looking for
college level animal behaviourism training in the near future."

 If you have already taken the Level 1 for Pets and their People, this course will review the concepts taught there from a more advanced remedy knowledge standpoint.



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