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Branka Radakovi?

****Bach Bascis********I grew up in Croatia, Europe, in a family with deep love for Nature. I was blessed to spend my childhood close to the well known National Park in pure ecological environment surrounded by beautiful coast of Adriatic sea. From my early age I was exploring mountain meadows with wonderful viewpoints, Alpine forests, waterflows and lakes, clean rivers, pure springs, blossom flowers fields and endless hiking trails in a wild natural diversity. This experience helped me to really feel and understand the healing power and simplicity of Nature. After childhood I moved to Belgrade, Serbia and I achieved Bachelor degree at University of Tourism Management. I spent 15 years in Business Management environment, managing my private business and gaining experience in corporate world and business relationships. In the same time I was developing my great spiritual and creative passion practicing yoga and meditation. I was attending many workshops, trainings, and seminars based on energy healing and self help techniques as EFT-Emotional Freedom, Order of love-Family constellation, and psychodrama-group therapy. I moved to California, USA in 2014 and continued my professional practice as a BFRP.


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