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Debi Testa

Debi Testa

***Bach Basics - Level 1, Clinton,CT**** Debi Testa is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, Certified Bach Basics and Bach Level One teacher, as well as a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and Certified Yoga teacher. She has been teaching and running her own business for over 40 years and is now thrilled to be educating people on how the Bach Remedies can make a difference in their lives, having seen many positive changes herself as a result of the Bach system. She believes deeply in the power of the Bach Remedies as a tool for healing emotions and helping others live their best lives. Debi’s philosophy as a teacher weaves together the threads of her extensive studies of Polarity Therapy, Yoga, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki, and her professional dance training to create a unique approach to the body, mind and spirit – one that focuses on relieving blockages in the energy body and restoring the flow of life energy. https://debitesta.com/workshops/



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