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Samantha Vanderslice, BFRP

Samantha Vanderslice, BFRP

Bach Basics, Level 1, Level 1 Pets, Level 2** Austin, TX******** Samantha has been a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner since 2000. She is a Bach International Educator, and teaches Bach Basics, Level I Bach Flower Introductory course, Level I Pets and Their People course, and Level 2 Master course. Samantha taught Tarot and symbolism in Ibiza, Spain (1971), and coast to coast throughout the U.S. Eventually, her journey brought her to Austin where she practices Bach flower consultations, massage, Reiki, Gemstone Healing, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Tarot readings, classes and spiritual guidance. Samantha received her Doctorate from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in 2008, and her Reverend ordination from the Universal Church of Metaphysics. She is the author of the books; Tarot Yourself into the New Age, and Life Rewound, available at Amazon.***** http://samanthavanderslice.com/classes/



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