How to enroll in a Bach Flower course

We are a team of teachers organized by Nancy Buono, BFRP, Education Director and founder of Bach Flower Education. Each one of our teachers takes their own enrollments independently


Bach Basics - Level 1 - Level 2

To enroll in an onsite Bach Basics or

Level 1 or Level 2 course in your area

Enroll with your course teacher using their contact details on this page

To enroll in a class taught by Nancy Buono, Director of Education, click here

This year, Nancy will teach L2 in Los Angeles and Seattle, and L3 in Tucson, LA and Seattle.



Distance Learning Level 1 - online or by correspondence

To enroll in the Bach Flower Education Web class Level 1

Bach Centre Email distance learning Level 1 or

the Bach Basics Validation course 

Enroll directly with us here



Level 3 Practitioner Training


To enroll in every Level 3 Practitioner Training for all teachers

Enroll directly with us for Level 3 here



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