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We are a team of teachers organized by Nancy Buono, BFCP, Director 
and founder of Bach Flower Education, Living Enrichment. 

Each one of our teachers takes their own enrollments independently. Click one of the links below for enrollment.



Courses taught by Nancy Buono (BFCP, Director of Education)

Nancy offers the Level 1 Introductory Program, Advanced Studies Level 2 and Practitioner Certification Level 3  online

plus any special topics courses

Our onsite classes have been cancelled for this year.


Distance Learning for Level 1 

Advanced Studies - Level 2 - live and interactive online

Apply for Level 3 Practitioner Training at the Institute  



Courses taught by our Bach Flower Institute teaching team

North America - Use the Course Locator to find a Bach Basics, Level 1, Level 1 Pets, or Level 2 Course being offered by one of our independent teachers or see our events calendar on Facebook

New Zealand - Contact our New Zealand teacher 



Flower essence certification
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