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Bach Flower Basics


This one day course is taught by specially trained Bach Flower Practitioners
To find a live course online or near you, please check our Calendar.                


This flower essence course will get you started with the Bach flower remedies, so you can help yourself and others to restore feelings of calm and balance in life.

  • Discover the history of Dr Edward Bach and his 38 flower essences, which are used in 66 countries worldwide
  • Explore the basic principles of the safe and simple healing system known as the Bach flower remedies

Students who complete the Bach Flower Basics course are eligible to participate in a Validation Course to earn their Level 1 Certificate. 

This Validation Course is available only to students who have completed the Bach Flower Basics course. Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2 Advanced Studies and Level 3 Practitioner Training.

How to Enroll:

  • Find a Bach Basics course being offered near you using the Course Locator and contact the course teacher directly.


Prerequisites:  None
Duration: 1 day seminar
CE hours: 6



Flower essence certification
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