Teacher Training

Bach Flower Education Teacher Training

Teacher training is open to Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners in the US and Canada.

Below you will find details on the Level 1 teacher training course, as well as an application form.

The 2017-18 Bach Basics Teacher Training will be held online. The course is comprised of the 4 meetings listed below, online homestudy and homework and a follow-up meeting later in 2018. 


The teacher training website will open December 1, 2017. Space is limited.


Tues Dec 12, 2017   12PM-2:15PM EST

Tues Jan 9, 2018     12PM-2:15PM EST

Tues Jan 23, 2018   12PM-2:15PM EST

Tues Jan 30, 2018   12PM-2:15PM EST


Please click on the PDF below for complete course information

Teacher Training Information 2017-18

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You may apply for this course online here


The course deposit may be paid online here http://www.livingenrichment.com/ttregistration.html





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