How to Take the Bach flower remedies




For a passing mood, take 2 drops from the stock bottle as needed (the bottle sold in the stores.) Or add 2 drops to a glass of water, or any beverage (yes, even coffee or beer!)



The more economical and easier way to use the remedies long-term is to prepare a mixing bottle (dropper or spray)


Add 2 drops of each chosen remedy to a 1 oz bottle filled with spring water.

(If you add Rescue Remedy, use 4 drops of that.)

You can use up to 7 remedies in one blend.

Take 4 drops or 2 sprays per dose. Take the remedies a minimum of 4 times per day, or as often as desired. Taken 4 times per day, your personal blend will last you 2.5-3 weeks.





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