Bach Flower Basics

This one day course is taught by specially trained Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners across North America.

To find a course near you, please check our Calendar.

In this one day course, students will

  • Learn the basic principles of the safe and simple healing system known as the Bach flower remedies
  • Discover the 75 year history of Dr Edward Bach and his 38 remedies, which are used in 66 countries worldwide
  • Begin selecting remedies to restore balance to life for yourself, friends and family


Students who complete the Bach Flower Basics course are eligible to participate in an online Level 1 Validation Course to earn their Level 1 Certificate. The Validation Course is a Bach Centre approved program for Level 1.  This Validation Course is available only to students who have completed the Bach Flower Basics program. Level 1 is a pre-requisite for the Bach International Education Program (BIEP) Level 2 and Practitioner Training





Learn about the 38 Bach Flower Remedies at


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